Ayurvalley is a one-stop shop for all kinds of Ayurveda treatments. Be it the specialised treatments or rejuvenation therapy, our expert doctors and masseurs provide excellent service.
Ayurveda , the Knowledge of life is completely the tradition of Indian culture having more than 5000years old. Acharyas of ayurveda are lived in different parts of India in older times. So we can see the roots of ayurveda in different areas.

Ayurvalley ayurvedic spa which has an experience of 60 years in different parts of Kerala and now reached in Bengaluru.

We offer you the authentic ayurveda Medicine of Kottakkal Arya vidya Sala and treatments for different diseases by experienced physicians and therapists from “God’s Own Country. “
We sincerely are saying that you will get a best service from ayurvalley all the ways.


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